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Unlock Your Ideal Body Composition in <60 Days: Break Free from the Diet Cycle and Transform Your Physique (Even if You're A Dedicated Gym-Goer)

EAT Not Diet
[eet not dahy-it]

1. find your own way to eat for life that does not feel like dieting.
2. get to the point where you don't have to diet because you're eating a lot... or enough to feel completely satisfied.

"My business is about walking the path with you in your determination to be better."

-Mimi Bonny


Stop being frustrated with diet struggles.

Diets are Broken!

EAT Not Diet is my philosophy based on the belief that there is no one diet that works for all.

I help people who want a healthy toned body to lose weight, keep it off... and improve their lives through fitness nutrition and motivation mindset coaching. 

Explore uncharted territories and create your own unique strategy to eat. Live a lifestyle you want, eat foods you love, and eat for your body type.  Breakthrough your weight loss struggles with an elite approach and a standard of excellence. Drive change through fitness nutrition, power of psychology, and motivation mindset coaching.