Do you need supplements to reach your health & fitness goals?  The answer is NO. But there are supplements that are worth it. They can help you reach your goals faster whether it be fat loss or building muscle. Learn more by watching the videos on this page below!

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What Supplements Are Worth It?

My current favorite flavors are BPI's Best Protein Cookies & Cream and Smore's!  A lot of people are won over by BPI's unique flavors and I like using a variety for different tasting protein waffles.

Whey Protein 101

ABCs of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

BCAAS are by far the most popular selling by BPI. The biggest difference between Best BCAAs and Best Aminos is Best BCAA has CLA Matrix (helps with fat burning) and Best Aminos has Glutamine. Watch my video to learn more about glutamine.

Are Protein Bars Good For You?

My absolute favorite BPI Best Bar is their White Chocolate Pretzel with crunchy pretzel bites!

Pre-Workout Thoughts

Post-Workout Thoughts