My Shoulders seem to be my best body part. Check out my shoulder workout video below!


Below is a picture of my slow and steady transformation of my abs. You can get killer abs without direct ab exercises depending on your training but you do need to eat right and have good genetics to see the cuts! My abs came from mainly diet because I lack good ab genetics. My efforts at training abs have been half-hearted because I find training them so boring!

Ripped abs come from 3 main factors and in this order!
1) Diet / Eating Plan
2) Genetics
3) Direct Ab Exercises

I can't change genetics but imagine if I were to devote some real effort into abs training! I’m going to do exactly that. I’m going to work on transforming my abs so I can have abs with deeper cuts (that still look feminine!) that don’t require flexing.

Check out my video on Abs by clicking the video below!


This is a major focus of mine and probably so for every female! I want to get perkier and rounder glutes! As an Asian, I was not blessed with a butt and had to work hard to develop glute muscles and shape. There is a lot more room for improvement and I plan on transforming this part of my body as well. This one may take a bit longer but stay tuned!  In the meantime, check out one of my glutes/butt workout videos below!

Check out some of my other workout videos!


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